Gold Coast Day Tour

First Stop – Surfers Paradise(Approx.40min),Walking on the clean white beach, enjoy the view of the ocean, showering in the sunshine to relax.

Then Tamborine Mountain(Approx.40min),it is like walking around in a small town in Austria, everywhere fills up with the European style buildings. The most famous place would be the art street in the central of the town. Local pottery,  wooden status, oil painting and embroidery can be found for purchasing in the shops on the street. Standing on top of the mountain, people could see the beautiful city view of the Gold Coast.

Nerang estuary(Approx.40min), enjoy the dramatic view of the longest the beach in the world being cut off by a Tamsui river. Then heading to the winery to try all kinds of wine(aperitif ,Dry, Port, 12 kinds in total),you might not be the wine person, but get a chance to know them then decide.

Then to the local product shop, shopping for souvenir(Approx.60min)。